Employee Handbook

The Employee Handbook for Educational Staff in the Caribbean Netherlands (Personeelshandboek Onderwijspersoneel Caribisch Nederland) describes the employment conditions of educational staff, so their rights and obligations. The educational staff comprise principals, vice principals, teachers and educational support staff. This concerns educational staff who are employed in Bonaire, Saba or St. Eustatius at a school for public or special needs education financed by the Central Government.

The legal position of educational staff is a complex issue. The employment conditions are laid down in various regulations. The annex to the handbook contains a list of the main regulations. These regulations happen to be public and are available online for public consultation via wetten.overheid.nl.

The employee handbook aims to contribute to a proper implementation of the employment conditions agreement. This agreement was negotiated during the Consultation Aimed at Agreement (Op Overeenstemming Gericht Overleg, OOGO). This is the consultation meeting which the school boards, trade unions and the island government are part of.

The Employee Handbook and the Appendix, containing the main employment condition regulations, can be downloaded from this page.