The first Education Agenda

The first Education Agenda was drawn up in 2011. Aim of this agenda was an acceptable level of education in the Caribbean Netherlands in 2016. Acceptable by Dutch and Caribbean standards. 

Educational improvement

The schools in Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba drafted their own plan for educational improvement based on agreements made in the first Education Agenda. In these plans they described how they want to improve the quality of education in their school. The schools discussed the progress of these plans with the Inspectorate of Education twice a year. This happened during the Inspection Visits. You can download the inspection reports from the website of the Inspectorate of Education.

Five priorities

Five priorities were set in the first Education Agenda aimed at the improvement of education in the Caribbean Netherlands.

  • More quality
  • Enhancement of the quality of teachers, school leaders and school boards
  • Tailor-made educational care
  • Appealing vocational education 
  • Preconditions in order

The first Education Agenda was signed during the first Education Conference  in 2011, in Bonaire.