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Fifth EZK compensation for affected entrepreneurs

For the fifth time, entrepreneurs in the Caribbean Netherlands can receive a fixed-cost compensation from the Ministry of ...

News item | 06-05-2021 | 16:24

Information material on protected species (CITES) developed for the Caribbean Netherlands

Information material on regulations on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna in the wild (also ...

News item | 16-03-2021 | 20:04

CBS: Launch National Accounts Survey 2019 in Caribbean Netherlands

During the next months, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) will carry out a survey on production revenues and costs in the Caribbean ...

News item | 25-02-2021 | 13:45

New storage facilities of ‘Bonaire Brandstof Terminals’ guarantee supply reliability

To structurally safeguard the supply reliability and secure storage of fuels on Bonaire, the Cabinet decided to incorporate the ...

News item | 28-01-2021 | 19:43

Caribbean Netherlands: relatively many temporary workers on Saba

In 2018, 72 percent of the 15 to 74-year-olds in the Caribbean Netherlands were in paid employment. Bonaire, St Eustatius and ...

News item | 11-09-2020 | 16:20

Relief for companies in tourism industry on St. Eustatius and Saba

In the aftermath of hurricane Irma, the influx of tourists to St. Eustatius and Saba has decreased. Companies in the tourism ...

News item | 18-01-2018 | 21:10

Enforcement actions ILT and RWS at BOPEC on Bonaire

Bonaire Petroleum Corporation N.V. (BOPEC) has until January 5th, 2018 to prove that they can deal with the serious arrears in ...

News item | 08-12-2017 | 21:55

New Solar Park supplies entire Statia with electricity

On St. Eustatius, one of the three Public Entities of the Caribbean Netherlands, on the 15th of November a solar park will be ...

News item | 16-11-2017 | 17:01

CBS: Increase in flight movements in second quarter

Airplanes flew 5,190 times from and to the Caribbean Netherlands in the second quarter. Compared to the second quarter of 2016 ...

News item | 22-09-2017 | 00:00

Kingdom Council of Ministers meets about hurricane Irma

Today the Kingdom Council of Ministers met to talk about the current situation on the islands of St. Maarten, Saba and St. ...

News item | 12-09-2017 | 00:00

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