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  1. Speech by Prime Minister Mark Rutte about the role of the Netherlands in the history of slavery

    In the following speech Prime Minister Mark Rutte apologises for the past actions of the Dutch State: to enslaved people in the ...

    Speech | 19-12-2022

  2. IND Fees 2023 (in Dutch)

    Leaflet | 01-12-2022

  3. Self employment income statement (NL)

    Leaflet | 28-11-2022

  4. Minimum and maximum wage

    Form | 28-11-2022

  5. Social Insurance Amounts

    Form | 28-11-2022

  6. Assessment framework intensive child care

    Form | 20-10-2022

  7. Medical questionnaire

    Form | 20-10-2022

  8. Medical questionnaire intensive child care

    Form | 20-10-2022

  9. Chargers and batteries

    Video | 17-10-2022

  10. How does the IND CN handle my personal data?


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