Spatial Development Programme Caribbean Netherlands (draft)

The State Secretary for Kingdom Relations and Digitalisation announces that the draft of the Spatial Development Programme for the Caribbean Netherlands is available for public review at the following locations for a period of six weeks effective from January 23th 2024:


Openbaar Lichaam Bonaire – Kaya Amsterdam 23

Shared Service Organisatie (SSO) Bonaire – Kaya International z/n


Public Entity Saba - Power Street 1 – The Bottom

Shared Service Organisation (SSO) Saba - Matthew Levenstone Street # 5

Sint Eustatius

Office of the Island Secretary Sint Eustatius - Van Tonningenweg 4,

Shared Service Organisation (SSO) Sint Eustatius - Fort Oranjestad z/n

In addition, the RO CN is also available digitally on and

What is the RO CN?

The RO CN contains the national spatial policy for the Caribbean Netherlands. It is aimed at the Public Entities. They must take the guiding principles from the RO CN and incorporate them in the preparation or revision of the island spatial development plans. The RO CN covers the following topics, among others:

  • economical and multiple use of space to ensure sustainable development,
  • future-proof housing that meets the needs of the population of the Caribbean Netherlands,
  • protection of sensitive functions against the impacts of climate change,
  • good water management to reduce flooding, drought and erosion,
  • nature preservation.

Furthermore, the RO CN describes the measures through which the State Secretary proposes to realise the spatial objectives of the Central Government. In this regard, conducting a structured consultation between the Public Entities and the Central Government plays an important role.

How can you react?

If you want to react to the draft of the RO CN, for instance because you are missing a topic, you think the RO CN is too strict or too flexible or you want to express your agreement, please send an email no later than Monday March 4th 2024 to or leave your comments at

The draft of the RO CN was previously available for public review from November 3rd to December 14th2023. The publication announcing the disclosure contained an incorrect e-mail address, namely instead of the (correct) In addition, the correct Dutch version of the draft may not have been available for public review at and at the locations mentioned above.

If you have viewed the Dutch version of the draft at one of these locations or via and/or you have sent a response to the former e-mail address, you are asked to review the correct version (version 4.0) and/or send your response to

If you have responded via, you have seen the correct version of the draft and your response has been received in good order. In that case no further action is required.

What happens next?

After the period for public review has ended, all comments are collected, read and it is determined whether there is reason to adjust the programme. Afterwards, the (adjusted) programme will be submitted to the Executive Councils of Bonaire, Saba, and St. Eustatius for their advice. After these advices have been processed, the State Secretary will present the programme to the Council of Ministers for adoption. The adoption cannot be objected to or appealed against.