Contact Guardianship Council

With regards to the coronavirus situation, our offices could be closed. You can reach us by telephone or by email: 

  • Bonaire:              +(599) 781 5560
  • St. Eustatius:     +(599) 790 0441
  • Saba:                   +(599) 790 1333

The consultation hours will take place mostly by telephone, but our offices are also opened.

New applications (child support, temporary guardianship, joint authority, etc.)

You can contact one of our employees by telephone or email. Keep in mind that procedures may take a little longer than you are accustomed to because we partly depend on information of other organisations. 

Child support

Payments of child support continue as usual via the Tax Administration(BCN) (provided that your former partner pays and the arrangements were realised through the Guardianship Council). If you have questions about payments then you can initially call upon the Tax Administration. If you no longer receive child support then you can contact us.

Please note: the Guardianship Council only mediates in child support cases and is not responsible for your partner paying the child support or not. In conformity with the ruling of the Court, your partner is responsible for this. However, we can try to assist you in this situation, but we do not guarantee this. In addition, we can never provide you with an advance or a payment scheme. 

Pending investigations

We basically continue with our services. However, we must adapt our activities slightly when it comes to home visits and interviews (e.g. with parents and informants). We try to continue all activities as much as possible and to, where possible, have contact by telephone or via email.

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