Week against Child Abuse with the theme of psychological neglect

During the Week against Child Abuse, which runs from the 20th to the 26th of November, Care and Youth Caribbean Netherlands (ZJCN) is organising a campaign and other activities, together with its partners OLB, Sentro Akseso Boneiru, ZW groep, the Guardianship Council (Voogdijraad) and the Expertise Centre for Education Care (EOZ), to draw attention to psychological and emotional neglect.

Week tegen Kindermishandeling

Theme of 'Emotional Neglect'

This year's theme is emotional neglect and the aim is to draw attention to this less well-known type of child abuse. Children need loving attention in order to develop properly. Examples of emotional neglect are a failure to pay attention to children's feelings, children not being allowed to express their opinions, or the failure to ask children how their day went and what they are concerned about.


During this week the main focus of the partner organisations will be on children and they will do this in a variety of ways. The youth professionals and chain partners are going to kick-off the week with a network event. Comic books and posters are going to be distributed to pupils at all schools and these will focus specifically on the theme of emotional neglect. The Expertise Centre for Education Care (EOZ) and its partners will be talking to primary school pupils from years 7 and 8 about this type of abuse. A bus is also going to be driving youth professionals from various organisations in the chain through a number of neighbourhoods to highlight the theme. This year's campaign is based on the 'Talk with love' slogan.

“Tei p’abo” is supporting the Week against Child Abuse

Since last year, “Tei p’abo” has conducted a broad campaign against domestic violence and child abuse, based on the theme of 'embarrassment'. In this way “Tei p’abo” is emphasising the importance of dispelling the taboo around domestic violence and child abuse and of focusing on the embarrassment which prevents people from breaking these patterns of behaviour. Sometimes all the people need to change is a helping hand. Part of this campaign is the Week against Child Abuse which, this year, is taking place for the sixth time.

More information about child abuse and domestic violence can be found at www.meldpuntguiami.com.