Week Against Child Abuse, with the theme ‘speak with love’

During the Week Against Child Abuse, which runs from the 14th to the 20th of November, Youth Care (ZJCN) and its partners Openbaar Lichaam Bonaire (OLB), Sentro Akseso Boneiru, Mental Health Caribbean (MHC), Guardianship Council and  Expertisecenter Onderwijs Zorg Bonaire (EOZ) will be organising a campaign and other activities to raise awareness about the psychological abuse caused by shouting at children.

Week tegen Kindermishandeling

Theme: “Speak with love”

This year’s theme is "Speak with love" and aims to raise awareness about systematically shouting at children. This is regarded as a form of psychological abuse.

Elly Rojer (behavioural scientist Youth Care): “We want to inform people about the effects and damage caused by shouting at children. And what they can do if they encounter such abuse. We also want to make people aware about the dilemma of shame. You can help to overcome this sense of shame by offering help and also accepting help if you need it yourself. So dare to help someone. And talk to someone in your personal network. Or ask the authorities for assistance or advice. Because talking often makes it possible to identify the best approach for your specific situation.”


During this week, the participating support organisations will use a variety of approaches to focus on the children themselves. Youth professionals and chain partners will be kicking the week off at ZJCN. Comics and posters, which highlight the theme of Speak with love, will be handed out to children at all schools. EOZ and its partners will talk to primary school children in group 7 and 8 about psychological abuse. A bus of youth professionals will also visit a number of neighbourhoods in order to highlight this theme. The week will end with the ‘Children’s Rights Day’ lantern march, which will be organised and carried out by Sentro Akseso Bonaire.

“Tei p’abo” supports the week against child abuse!

In September, Tei p’abo started a comprehensive campaign against domestic violence and child abuse around the theme of ‘shame’. Tei p’abo is doing this to emphasise the importance of openly talking about domestic violence and child abuse, and thus paying attention to the shame that prevents people from breaking such patterns of behaviour.

Sometimes, all people need is a helping hand. This campaign includes the week against child abuse, which is being organised for the fifth time this year.

For further information about child abuse and domestic violence, please visit www.meldpuntguiami.com.