New optician and optometrist on St. Eustatius

From August 18, Sint Eustatius will have an optician and optometrist, Optica Class Sint Eustatius.


Mr. Jose Javier Rodriquez, owner of Optica Class Sint Eustatius, is a qualified optometrist. He  and his assistant will be on St. Eustatius from August 18th to August 23rd. After that, he will come to the island once every two weeks for consultations and examinations.

Mr. Rodriquez has many years of experience with, among others, ophthalmologist De Palm and former ophthalmologist Ferwerda on Curaçao. He then relocated to Bonaire where he has successfully owned Optica Class Bonaire for 8 years and from where he also carries out his optometry work.

Optica Class Sint Eustatius is located at Theodore A.M. Pandt Road #12 in Oranjestad (near the airport). For the time being, the optician will be open half days. They start with a collection of 360 different frames. The collection will be expanded monthly to provide insights into the specific tastes and wishes of the population of St. Eustatius.

In connection with COVID-19, a special protocol has been drawn up and approved for visitors to Optica Class Sint Eustatius. Therefore an appointment for optometry can only be made by telephone (until further notice) via telephone number 3180450.

ZJCN would like to thank Mr. Jose Javier Rodriquez for his willingness to start on Sint Eustatius Optica Class Sint Eustatius and wish him success with all activities.