Patient transport

Everyone who is insured with the ZJCN is entitled to reimbursement for patient transport. This involves:

  • Medically necessary transport by ambulance from or to a healthcare establishment, to or from your residence
  • Transport charges (not by ambulance) for insured persons who must undergo kidney dialysis, chemotherapy or radio therapy and can only move with the aid of a wheelchair or have eyesight that is so restricted they cannot move without guidance
  • 'Air ambulance' if there is an emergency because of illness or accident for which medical referral is necessary
  • Transport during medical referrals: from and to the airport and from your accommodations to your destination and vice versa

For reimbursement of patient transport, prior permission from ZJCN is required unless there is an emergency. The reimbursement of patient transport may differ per destination. The transport of a companion is also reimbursed if ZJCN has approved companionship.