SZW Deputy Unit Manager SZW

Are you a people-oriented, unifying and sociable manager? Then apply for this challenging position!

University Education (WO) | Bonaire | 36 hours per week | Vacancy number: P&O2022_09_012 | Closing date: 1st February 2023

Job description

As deputy unit manager, you will work with the Unit manager to develop a vision concerning the future of the unit, based on specific actions by the organisation and employees. You must realise that unity is essential when realising objectives. You must possess good organisation skills and affinity with processes and systems. You must have excellent judgement, whether dealing with a complex request or judging political/administrative risks.


  •  As deputy unit manager, you and the Unit manager will run the unit from a policy-related and managerial perspective;
  • You will serve as a sparring partner for the Unit manager when it comes to operational, tactical and strategic matters;
  • You will take part in and oversee the (re-)design and organisation of work processes, procedures, etc. within the unit;
  • You will play a key role in compiling management and triannual reports;
  • You will consult with island administrators as well as stakeholders and chain partners at SZW;
  • You will advise the unit manager about applicable improvements in laws and regulations when developing and revising (executive) policy;
  • You will help to implement the policy and laws & regulations for which SZW-CN is responsible;
  • You will safeguard the quality of the unit as well as uniformity in the activities of the unit;
  • You will provide advice about complex and very sensitive issues in SZW's specific domain;
  • You will assess the risk of political/societal damage, and potential precedent-setting; 
  • You will report to the Unit manager and will replace him or her if s/he is absent (with full authority).


The Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) unit at the RCN is part of the same titled Ministry in The Hague. The SZW unit is dedicated to ensuring safe, healthy and fair working conditions, and monitors whether they are actually realised. The unit also pays social security allowances on behalf of the Ministry, in order to safeguard the livelihoods of the elderly, parents and people who cannot work temporarily due to, for example, illness or pregnancy. In addition, the unit pays income support allowances that help to safeguard the livelihoods of inhabitants who are experiencing financial emergencies. The SZW unit aims to ensure a humane existence for everyone in the Caribbean Netherlands.

Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment aims to ensure fair, safe and healthy employment in the Netherlands. This involves giving everyone the opportunity to participate and develop further, so that they can play a role in their own future. We provide a safety net if things go wrong, and an income when people decide to retire. This is only possible in a country where people are there for one another.

We want to develop policy for everyone that works. We listen to what is going on in society, work very closely with partners, and anticipate new developments at home and abroad. The issues we deal with are very complex in nature. This includes social policy, the future of the welfare state, and the affordability of facilities for the elderly. But it also involves problems associated with our ageing population and safety in the workplace.

We encourage compliance with regulations. If malpractices are encountered, we are quick to take action. As an employer, the Ministry leads by example.


  • Organisational sensitivity;
  • Management sensitivity;
  • Situational awareness;
  • Networking;
  • Managing organisation;
  • Managing group;
  • Developing employees;
  • Reflection.

The position of deputy unit manager requires a number of skills:

  • You are able to motivate, inspire and enthuse people;
  • You enjoy challenges and are able to set challenging objectives;
  • You want to achieve something for yourself, the organisation and the team;
  • You do not shy away from responsibility, and you see more responsibility as an extra incentive in your job;
  • You bring people together and have an eye for innovation;
  • You are able to generate commitment and support, and are not afraid to make decisions and settle stand-offs;
  • You are self-aware and know which leadership qualities you possess and where you can use them. You are also aware of your personal shortcomings.

Job requirements

  • You must possess suitable academic capacities;

  • You must have affinity with the political and social sphere within which SZW operates;

  • You must be people-oriented and be able to get the best out of others;

  • You work, or have worked, in a managerial position;

  • You must be able to maintain contacts within an operational network, a managerial network, and with other involved parties;

  • You must have command of Dutch, and preferably English, Spanish and Papiamento, in both written and spoken form.

What do we offer?

  • Appointment in accordance with the Rechtspositiebesluit ambtenaren BES (BES legal status decree for civil servants);
  • A competitive salary in initial salary scale 12 and job salary scale 13 (gross salary of minimum $ 3,960 and maximum $ 5,056), based on a working week of 36 hours. The pay grade will be determined based on knowledge, experience and training;
  • Holiday bonus (8.33% of the remuneration);
  • A 13th month (8.33% of the remuneration, with a minimum gross amount of $ 1,750);
  • A pension scheme with Pensioenfonds Caribisch Nederland (PCN);
  • 168 hours of leave based on a working week of 36 hours;
  • Temporary appointment for one year, with a view to permanent appointment after effective performance and positive appraisal;
  • A relocation scheme for candidates responding from outside the island.


  • This vacancy has been released both internally and externally. In the event of equal suitability, internal candidates will be given priority over external candidates;
  • The procedure may include an assessment or test. 

Appointment requirements

  • A Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG);
  • A medical examination to join the pension scheme;
  • Dutch citizenship.  

Good to know for those interested outside the Caribbean Netherlands

  • The salary is in American dollars; the official currency of the Caribbean Netherlands;
  • The Caribbean Netherlands has its own tax legislation. Income above the tax-free sum ($ 17,352 in 2023) will be taxed at a payroll tax rate of 30.4%;
  • Participation in the pension scheme is compulsory, including the accompanying personal contribution;
  • You are or will become an inhabitant of the Caribbean Netherlands.

More information?

For information about this position you can contact:
Remco Spek, Head of department WSB, Employee provisions board, tel.: +316 15 03 51 97, email address secretariat:

Digital application

You can send your Curriculum Vitae accompanied by a motivation to: