SSO-CN Department Head ICT

SSO-CN is looking for a competent, facilitating, decisive, and coaching Department Head ICT. Will you further shape the professionalisation of the ICT Department? Do you want to build on the already established foundation of the IP/ICT organisation? Then apply now!

HBO | Bonaire | 36 hours | vacancy number P&O2022_08_007 | Closing date: 5 October 2022

Job description

As Department Head ICT, you give substance to the change processes concerning the information provision (IP) and ICT. You further develop the professional IP/ICT organisation so that - also in the future - the rapid developments in the field of IP and ICT are always recognised and implemented in a timely fashion. Together with the enterprise architect, services, and partners, e.g. external suppliers, you also draw up the new digitalisation vision for the SSO-CN.

You manage the cohesion, quality of ICT and costs of the whole, the ICT environment as well as the required information provision and its organisation. You are also an important sparring partner of the other department managers within the SSO-CN and purchasing services / departments and you are part of the management.

You are responsible for the continuity of ICT and further development of the IP/ICT environment, safeguarding the SSO-CN interests of its purchasing services. You also help realise the digitalisation strategy. This strategy is developed in close cooperation with the purchasing services so that excellent services can be achieved. To this end, you follow and anticipate external developments in the field, both technological and at the Central Government. These developments lead to choices in policy and innovative applications and enable modern services. You stand for the collective and service interests in IP/ICT issues and ensure consensus.

You have regular consultations with the management of SSO-CN and the purchasing services on relevant aspects of information provision. From your position, you also participate in the strategic consultations of the various services.

Job responsibilities

  • You are responsible for cost-effective deployment of IP/ICT resources SSO-CN wide and on behalf of purchasing services;
  • You realise effective deployment of IP/ICT on innovative solutions for the tasks of the SSO-CN;
  • You realise effective deployment of IP/ICT on innovative solutions for the tasks of the SSO-CN;
  • You are responsible for portfolio management of the SSO-CN wide IP portfolio and the organisation of relevant decision-making;
  • You have ultimate financial responsibility for the department;
  • You are responsible for the management and optimisation of the ICT infrastructure, in the course of which (information) security is an important aspect;
  • You are an able and inspiring sparring partner for the management of SSO CN with regard to IP/ICT issues;
  • You take responsibility for the continuity and quality of IP/ICT services, the optimisation of the customer satisfaction, and you provide for effective services and cost reduction.


The Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland (RCN) is the link between all operational services of Ministries present on the islands of Bonaire, St. Eustatius, and Saba. Each Ministry is substantively responsible for the implementation and realisation of policy of the relevant Ministry. In this respect, for the correct implementation and support, they rely on the Shared Service Organisation (SSO CN) of the Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland. SSO CN offers support in the area of operations, personnel & organisation, procurement & finance, facilities, ICT, and communication.

The ICT Department is responsible for one joint ICT infrastructure for the information provision of these various Departments. The department consists of the sections: system administration, operational technical application administration, network administration, and workstation administration. The department has the necessary contacts both within the organisation and with external parties.


  • Governance sensitivity;
  • Situational awareness;
  • Organisational management;
  • Group management;
  • Employee development;
  • Reflection;
  • Organisational sensitivity;
  • Networking.

Job requirements

  • You function at an academic level of professional and intellectual ability and you are well familiar with the dynamics involved in working in a complex (public) organisation. You know how to hold your own in this environment;
  • You have demonstrably been successful in complex ICT and IP digitisation issues and programs as well as organisational development projects;
  • You have a developed sense of leadership and a clear vision of leadership, fulfilling your own role and enhancing the learning ability of employees;
  • You think conceptually and you have strong communication skills: you can explain (IP and ICT) concepts and terms to people who do not come from the discipline;
  • Through your personality, life experience, team player mentality, fresh and broad outlook, connecting personality, and your backpack of knowledge and skills, you provide for innovation;
  • You are a proven change manager capable of driving a department forward and you can realise significant improvements;
  • You know how to strike the right balance between delegating and assigning responsibility, whilst remaining in overall control;
  • You are an effective liaison by matching the supply and demand of information provision and, in doing so, experience each other's added value.

What do we offer?

  • An appointment in accordance with the Rechtspositiebesluit ambtenaren BES (Legal Status Decree on Civil Servants BES);
  • A salary in conformity with the market, in preliminary scale 12 and job scale 13, (gross monthly of at least $ 3,960.00 and at most $ 5,728.00) in case of a 36-hour working week. Assignment to a pay scale based on knowledge and experience;
  • Holiday pay (8.33% of remuneration);
  • A thirteenth month (8.33% of the salary, with a gross minimum of $1,750.00);
  • A pension provision placed with Pensioenfonds Caribisch Nederland (PCN);
  • 168 holiday hours for a working week of 36 hours per week;
  • The position has been classified on an indicative basis, the appointment is temporary for five years with the prospect of a permanent position upon formalisation within the organisation and formation and in the event of a satisfactory performance and a positive assessment result;
  • A relocation scheme for candidates who respond from outside the island.


  • This position is simultaneously open to internal and external candidates. In case of matching suitability, internal candidates are preferred;
  • An assessment or case may be part of the procedure.

Appointment requirements

  • A Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG);
  • A medical examination for admission to the pension funds;
  • Dutch citizenship.  

Good to know for those interested outside the Caribbean Netherlands

  • The salary is in US dollars which is the official currency in the Caribbean Netherlands;
  • The Caribbean Netherlands has its own tax regulations. Income above the tax-free allowance ($12,198 in 2022) will be taxed at a rate of 30.4% in payroll tax;
  • Participation in the pension fund is mandatory, including a personal contribution to it;
  • You are or will become a resident of the Caribbean Netherlands.

More information?

For information about this position you can contact
Ron van Beusekom, Head ICT, telephone number: + 31 6 3175 3101.

Digital application

You can send your Curriculum Vitae accompanied by a motivation to: