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HBO| Bonaire|39.5 hours|P&O2020_09_003|Closing date: September 30, 2020

Job description

As a sparring partner of the management of the police force, it is expected of you that you accurately keep a finger on the pulse, signal bottlenecks in the policy development and police force matters and advise on these matters. In addition, you are able to build up an open, professional relationship with, in particular, other managers, the Participation Council and external (chain) partners. You stimulate the cooperation with these parties and you gain information needed for this supporting and signalling duty.

You also provide for the availability of a reliable and complete supply of policy and project information. It is essential that you are informed of the direction of the organisation development and the vision of the police management and that you take the initiative for policy and project development. You ensure that the external appointments of the Chief of Police and the Head of Operations are prepared and supported during the appointments and the relevant settlement. In this position you are placed with the staff department and you fall under the direct management of the Chief of Police.

The organisation

The Dutch Caribbean Police Force (KPCN) is a small and dynamic police force with the islands of Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba as its area of operations. Although the police force is small in scope, it comprises all the processes of a full-fledged police force. The employees are vigilant and serving, powerful and professional. We are looking for enthusiastic, broadly deployable and flexible employees who, together with us, want to work on the further future of the police force.

Job responsibilities

  • You follow, signal and analyse developments within the area of operations of the KPCN, the OM, the OLB as also within the area of justice and security. You issue opinions on this to the Chief of Police and/or the police management;
  • On demand, you further examine topics that bear relevance to the organisation and you prepare relevant reports and recommendations;
  • You develop and monitor internal guidelines and procedures;
  • You prepare schedules for projects and you monitor the progress. In this respect you signal bottlenecks and you submit proposals for improvement;
  • You represent the organisation in projects and working groups within the discipline;
  • In coordination with the Head of Operations you contribute to the planning cycle of the organisation;
  • Your support, where possible, the Head of Operations in policy developments and relevant harmonisation;
  • You prepare external activities of the Chief of Police and, where required, of the other members of the police management;
  • You provide for the preparation and settlement of correspondence;
  • You support the Chief of Police and the Head of Operations in the consultations with the Participation Committee;
  • Together with the Office Manager, you prepare meetings of the KMT, you collect material, you prepare discussion memoranda and recommendations, you present relevant items on the agenda;
  • You partly act as secretary during meetings, you provide explanations, you prepare reports and you elaborate resolutions;
  • You allocate action points within the organisation, you monitor the progress and settlement;
  • You provide for the supply of information from the KMT;
  • You act, where required, as a representative of the police management / KMT in the working groups established by the KMT and you are also encumbered with the recording of the progress.

Your competencies

  • Planning and organisation
  • Management identification
  • Problem analysis
  • Cooperation
  • Initiative
  • Professional integrity
  • Result-orientation
  • Process steering

Job requirements

  • Professional and intellectual ability at the level of Higher Professional Education (HBO).
  • Some years of work experience within a politically sensitive organisation.
  • Knowledge of developments in the discipline of security and justice.
  • Good command of Dutch, Papiamento and English. Spanish is preferred.
  • Knowledge of relevant regulations, guidelines and procedures.
  • Competent in the preparation of recommendations.
  • Competent in the coordination of processes.

What we offer

  • A salary in conformity with the market in preliminary scale 9 and job scale 10 of at least $ 2,579.00 and at most $ 3,927.00 per month in case of a 39.5-hour working week on the basis of knowledge and experience.
  • A 13th month of 8.33% of the remuneration (at least $ 1,750.00) .
  • Holiday allowance of 8.33% of the remuneration.
  • A good pensions scheme placed with PCN.
  • Internal training possibilities.
  • 184 holiday hours (based on a 39.5-hour working week).
  • A removal scheme if you react from abroad.

Appointment requirements

  • The ability to submit a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) and a medical examination is required
  • Dutch citizenship is a requirement
  • In case of matching suitability, internal candidates take precedence over external candidates
  • An assessment may be part of the application procedure
  • A security screening is part of the application procedure

For information about the vacancy

Name: Jose Rosales, Chief of Police 
Telephone: +599 715 8005

Digital application

You can send your Curriculum Vitae with motivation letter to: