JICN Head of Detention and Reintegration

Are you a facilitative manager with a strong affinity with planning and projects? If so, we are looking for someone like you.

HBO | Bonaire | 39.5 hours | P&O2020_12_001 | Closing date: 27 January 2021

The Correctional Institution Caribbean Netherlands (JICN) is seeking a ‘Head of Detention and Reintegration (D&R)’. Are you capable of bringing out the best in people and leading the department to grow? Are you able to delegate work and do you trust the expertise of your staff? Are you a fair-minded person who is interested in the field in which the D&R department operates? And are you ready to raise the D&R process to the next level? In that case, you are the person JICN is looking for!

JICN keeps up with developments affecting the prison system and environment. For example, JICN devotes attention to the changing policy in the area of Detention & Reintegration, the way in which the department is organised and put in a position to see to the needs of the organisation itself and those of the detainees. This means that in the period ahead the Detention & Reintegration department will be investing time in making its work processes more efficient and future-proof. As head of this department, you will assume the role of project leader for D&R-related projects. You will plot the department's course, garner support and boost the team spirit within the department. This also means letting your colleagues play their part in these efforts, of which you will oversee and assess the results.

Job tasks

  • You advise the management in all areas of detention and reintegration, both within and beyond the institution;
  • You coordinate the department’s activities with other departments and chain partners;
  • You conduct discussions with chain partners on the progress of work and new developments as well as the mutual cooperation and data exchange in the interest of reintegration;
  • You propose amendments to work-related policy and discuss these amendments with the head of JICN;
  • You are responsible for the progress of projects and make adjustments through instructions or agreements;
  • You monitor the progress and implementation of intra and extramural detention planning and progress of relocations and transfers;
  • You are responsible for developing and carrying out activities in the area of selection, placement, freedoms and D&R plans;
  • You are responsible for the registration of changes in cell capacity and cell destinations;
  • You approve registrations and data changes of inmates;
  • You contribute to the optimisation of D&R’s processes and working methods;
  • You chair a number of consultative meetings;
  • You conduct development and other interviews with the department’s staff, including the annual performance reviews;
  • You are responsible for operations in the department.

The organisation

JICN is correctional institution where all detainees in the Caribbean Netherlands can be held. There are 124 detention places spread across seven departments; for young adults, for women, a remand prison, prison and healthcare department. JICN also takes care of the arrestees. 

Would you like to find out more about JICN’s work?
Click on https://english.rijksdienstcn.com/justice--security/netherlands-caribbean-correctional-institution for further information.

Your competencies

  • Group-oriented leadership
  • Persuasive
  • Interpersonal sensitivity
  • Able to analyse problems
  • Enterprising
  • Results-oriented
  • Customer-oriented
  • Aware of surroundings
  • Good networking skills

Role requirements

  • Intellectual capacity of at least higher professional level (HBO), supplemented with management training;
  • You have demonstrable management experience;
  • You are experienced in drawing up recommendations and coordinating processes;
  • You are familiar with the substantive and process-related aspects of detention and of social services;
  • You are familiar with relevant guidelines and procedures and are able to deploy these in practice;
  • You have knowledge of and insight into digital developments and their applicability and effects with respect to the organisation and the tasks it carries out;
  • You can effectively deal with differences between employees;
  • You understand the interests at play in the organisation, have a customer-focused attitude and are good at developing networks;
  • Verbal command of Papiamentu and Spanish is a plus.

What we offer

  • A competitive salary, in preliminary pay scale 9 and job grade 10 of minimum $2967 and maximum $3927 gross per month based on a 39.5-hour working week. Grading based on knowledge and experience;
  • A temporary appointment for one year, followed by a permanent appointment if both parties are satisfied with the employment relationship.
  • An end-of-year bonus of 8.33% (minimum $1,750);
  • Holiday allowance payment of 8.33% of the remuneration;
  • A good pension scheme administered by PCN;
  • Internal training possible, in Bonaire and in the European Netherlands;
  • 184 holiday hours (based on a 39.5-hour working week);
  • A removal allowance scheme if you are applying from abroad.

Recruitment requirements

  • You must submit a certificate of good conduct (VOG) and undergo a medical examination.
  • Dutch nationality is a requirement;
  • In the event of equal suitability, internal candidates will be prioritised above external candidates.
  • The selection procedure may include an assessment.

For further information on the opening

Name:                        Sharlon Willems, deputy director
Telephone:              +599 7159 000 +599 9005

Applying electronically

Please send your CV with cover letter to vacature@rijksdienstCN.com