JICN Correctional Officers

Do you enjoy challenges, and would you like to work with people in a unique and ever-changing setting? Are you resilient yet flexible? Would you like to help your colleagues to safeguard humane detention at the prison on Bonaire? Then apply for the job of Correctional officer at the JICN!

MBO4 (secondary vocational education level 4) | Bonaire | 36 hours per week | Vacancy number P&O2024_01_028

This is a continuous vacancy, and therefore has no closing date; applicants must bear in mind a response time of at least 2 weeks from the moment of application.

Job description

As Correctional officers (Penitentiair Inrichtingswerker, PIW), you will play a role in the humane detention of detained individuals. Together with your colleagues, you will help to ensure order, tranquillity and security within the institution. You will be responsible for the care, observation, support and preparation for re-socialisation of detained individuals in a secure living environment. You will ensure the custody and security of detained individuals.

Job responsibilities

  • You must guide detained individuals in order to ensure reintegration and reduce recidivism;
  • You must observe detained individuals and interpret their situation, and modify your approach accordingly;
  • You must offer care to detained individuals;
  • You must inform detained individuals about procedures within the institution, such as rights and duties, the standard regime, the day programme, and the drug prevention policy;
  • You must act effectively during (impending) emergencies and/or crisis situations;
  • You must check safety-related issues in the building and cells on a weekly basis;
  • You must oversee compliance with safety-related, hygienic and individual rules, both within the department and during activities in the day programme;
  • You must have a positive impact on the atmosphere (work and living climate in the department);
  • You must compile reports;
  • You must act in accordance with applicable norms and values, also when under pressure;
  • You must be socially engaged and have experience working with people. 

The organisation

The JICN is a Judicial Institution that is based in an ultra-modern building in Plantage Aruba, where detained individuals from the whole of the Caribbean Netherlands can be placed. There are 113 detention places, which are spread across the following departments: Young Adults, Youth, Women, Arrivals, Aliens, Prison and House of Detention. The JICN also offers extra clinical care to arrested persons and detained individuals.


  • Empathy
  • Flexibility
  • Initiative
  • Ability to withstand stress
  • Collaboration skills

Job requirements

  • You must have an MBO4 (secondary vocational education) level of working and thinking.
  • You must be willing to follow internal Basic Professional Training and complete it successfully.
  • It will be an advantage if you possess professional knowledge in the field of surveillance and security and/or knowledge about methods in the field of educational support.
  • You must be willing to follow training and education relating to motivational treatment, observation and reporting.
  • You must be able to speak and write Dutch and Papiamentu and should be able to communicate in English and Spanish.
  • You must be resilient and be in good physical condition; this is a requisite and will be assessed via an FVT test.
  • If candidates are equally suitable, preference will be given to people already residing on Bonaire.

What we offer

  • Appointment in accordance with the Rechtspositiebesluit ambtenaren BES (BES Legal Status Decree for Civil Servants).
  • A competitive salary, at initial salary scale 5 and job salary scale 6 between USD 2,100 and USD 2,940 per month, based on a working week of 36 hours; A pay grade based on knowledge, experience and training.
  • Holiday bonus (8.33% of the remuneration).
  • A 13th month (8.33% of the remuneration, with a minimum gross amount of $ 1,750).
  • A pension scheme with Pensioenfonds Caribisch Nederland (PCN).
  • 168 hours of leave based on a working week of 36 hours.
  • Temporary appointment for one year, with a view to permanent appointment after effective performance and positive appraisal.
  • A relocation scheme for candidates responding from outside the island.


  • This vacancy has been released both internally and externally. In the event of equal suitability, internal candidates will be given priority over external candidates.
  • The procedure may include an assessment or test.

Terms of appointment

  • A Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG);
  • A medical examination to join the pension scheme;
  • Dutch citizenship.

Good to know for potential candidates outside the Caribbean Netherlands

  • The salary is in American dollars, the official currency of the Caribbean Netherlands.
  • The Caribbean Netherlands has its own tax legislation. Income above the tax-free sum ($ 20.424,- in 2024) will be taxed at a payroll tax rate of 30.4%.
  • Participation in the pension scheme is compulsory, including the accompanying personal contribution.
  • You are or will become an inhabitant of the Caribbean Netherlands.

More information?

For more information about the vacancy, you can contact Tom Libiana,  department head via: Tom.Libiana@jicn@bonaire.nl

Digital application

You can send your Curriculum Vitae with motivation to vacature@rijksdienstCN.com