Civil Recovery Lawyer

BCN is on the move! And movement means change. Will you help us to streamline that movement and make that change happen? Are you the right civil lawyer who is able to enact civil and tax laws and regulations so that payments actually come into the Caribbean Netherlands? Then read on!

WW | Bonaire | 36hrs | P&O2021_10_010 | Closing date: 31 December 2021

Recent graduates are also invited to apply!

Job Description

BCN is looking for a civil lawyer for the Recovery Department, also known as the Receiver. The primary task of this department is to collect and monitor tax revenues within the time limits set by law. In this, the personal circumstances of the tax debtor(s) are always taken into account.

As a civil lawyer, you will deal with (very) complex files and appeals in the area of recovery. You will advise on recovery and tax-technical aspects in case studies in your area of focus and beyond. In addition, you will write defences and conduct proceedings. In this multifaceted position, you will also be an expert guide to (new) employees. You take visible pleasure in transferring knowledge and will be the point of contact for your colleagues with questions on recovery. 

Your excellent knowledge and expertise in this area will be fully reflected in your - solicited and unsolicited - advice. You are able to take an independent point of view. And you naturally have an eye for other disciplines.

You can also identify any enforcement shortfalls in a timely manner. In this way, you will make full use of your excellent substantive knowledge. We also wish to promote compliance of citizens and businesses. Transparency, collaboration and trust are central to this. It goes without saying that your communication skills, personal drive and beliefs that support this objective will play a significant role in this. But you also have knowledge of other relevant jurisdictions, such as BW BES, bankruptcy law and legal proceedings. 

On behalf of Tax Administration CN, you will negotiate with a variety of organisations, interest groups, but especially with tax debtors and their representatives.  

If desired, you will receive further training and guidance internally, but specialists from the Belastingdienst Nederland (Dutch tax authority) are also available for support. A working period in the Netherlands or another part of the Caribbean Netherlands may form part of your settling-in period.


  • You will deal with complex collection and recovery issues with a high risk of detriment to the Tax Authorities, businesses and citizens; 
  • You will act as an advisor and mentor on how to tackle complex collection and recovery problems;
  • You will develop (innovative) tools, methods, techniques and systems in the areas of collection and recovery expertise;  
  • You will initiate and advise on collection and recovery processes. You will engage in consultations with diverse parties and negotiate in situations that are of a process-technical and complex nature;
  • You will act as project leader for the implementation of new collection and recovery processes;  
  • You will decide on and implement complex recovery measures, and understand the various aspects of liability claims on which a standpoint must be taken and policy developed;  
  • You will decide on and implement complex recovery measures.
  • You have insight into the various aspects of liability. You dare to take a position and can develop policies accordingly;  
  • You will assess new recovery and collection processes;
  • You will translate complex subject matter into concrete steering data for management and management team members (MT members);  
  • You will supply information to external organisations (companies) and citizens on tax matters; 
  • You will proactively inform management and MT members concerning bottlenecks;
  • You will evaluate your own working method, learn from it, and transfer new insights to management, MT members and employees.


The Caribbean Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration (BCN) is responsible for taxation, supervision and collection of State taxes and the implementation of tax, customs and excise legislation in the islands of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba. Offices are located on all three islands. BCN is part of the Dutch Tax Authority/Customs.

BCN now has a wide range of (online) services in operation and is a leader in ICT for government in the region.

Function Requirements

  • Completed Master's degree in Civil Law Studies;  
  • Willing to learn and become fully trained by the Caribbean Netherlands Tax Office and/or at the Tax Service Academy in European Netherlands;
  • Affinity with Tax Law and the Caribbean Netherlands region;
  • Qualities and skills relevant to project-based work and research. 

We are looking for an enterprising, committed and spirited colleague, who is not afraid to roll up his/her sleeves and to ask questions. Someone who is eager to learn and has a result-oriented and problem-solving attitude. Someone who puts a high priority on customer satisfaction, without losing sight of organisational goals. We are looking for someone who can lead from the front and unify a team. In this position, you are ultimately responsible for the team's guidance in terms of professional content.

Recent graduates are also invited to apply for this position. You will be trained by BCN to become the Receiver for Caribbean Netherlands. In mutual consultation, we will plan a personal training path for you.


  • Organisational sensitivity 
  • Analytical capacity 
  • Powers of persuasion  
  • Result-oriented
  • Environmentally aware 
  • Creates loyalty
  • Planning and Organising
  • Self-Development

What we offer

  • An appointment in accordance with BES Official Status Decree;
  • A market-compliant salary on the start-up grade 11 and salary grade 12 (gross monthly salary of at least $3,429 — and up to $5,056 —) for a 36-hour week. Grading takes place on the basis of knowledge and experience;
  • Holiday pay (8.33% of salary);
  • A 13th month (8.33% of salary);
  • A pension provision under the Caribbean Netherlands Pension Fund (PCN);
  • 168 annual leave hours for a 36-hour week;
  • A one-year temporary appointment with prospect of a permanent appointment, on condition of satisfactory performance and a positive assessment result;
  • A relocation scheme for candidates who respond from outside the island.


  • This vacancy will be open to internal and external applicants simultaneously.
  • An assessment or case study may form part of the procedure.

Appointment Requirements

  • A Statement of Conduct (VOG);
  • A medical examination for admission to the pension fund;
  • Dutch citizenship

Tips for interested parties outside the Caribbean Netherlands

  • The salary is in US dollars, the official currency in the Caribbean Netherlands;
  • Caribbean Netherlands has its own tax regulations. Income above the tax-free sum of ($12,575 in 2021) is taxed at a rate of 30.4% payroll tax;
  • Participation in the pension fund is compulsory, including own contribution;
  • You are, or will become, a resident of the Caribbean Netherlands.

More information?

For information on this vacancy, please contact Tania Melaan-Boezem, Recovery Team Leader, telephone number: +599 781 0272.

Digital application

You can send your CV and covering letter by email to: