Collaboration agreement between OLB and municipalities in the Netherlands

The municipalities Rotterdam and Alphen aan den Rijn and the Public Entity Bonaire (OLB) are joining forces. In the context of support and reinforcement of the implementation capacity of the OLB, this initiative originated from the OLB, the Ministries of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) and Infrastructure and Water Management (IenW). This is one of the priorities of the Governmental Agreement.

Ondertekening samenwerkingsovereenkomst OLB en gemeenten

The collaboration between the municipalities started since October 2019. Now the time has come to formalize this collaboration so that continuity is guaranteed. On Tuesday 1st of September 2020, Deputy Kroon and State Secretary Knops signed the agreement.

With the deployment of manpower and expertise from the Dutch municipalities, future-oriented support can be offered for policy and processes surrounding; traffic, transport, water management and civil work. This way, support is provided for the implementation of the infrastructure plans and management, and maintenance of the infrastructure can be prepared and carried out. This is a priority for the deputy Kroon and the Executive Council, as well as of the Ministries of Infrastructure and the Environment and the Interior and Kingdom Relations.

In concrete terms, this collaboration means that in short term a roads project manager will start from the municipality of Rotterdam for a period of 6 months. In addition to content and process management, the project manager will also further structure the collaboration between the municipalities.

With the signing of the collaboration agreement, an important step is taken in the implementation of the action plan for the roads of Bonaire, one of the important subjects of the Governmental Agreement.

Agreements have also been made in the Governmental Agreement, to draw up a partial improvement plan for the R&O Directorate to improve the implementation of the infrastructure projects. The OLB, the municipalities of Rotterdam and Alphen aan den Rijn, the Ministry of BZK and the Ministry of IenW are working on this together to achieve results for the residents of Bonaire.