Employment terms and conditions

As employer, the National Office for the Caribbean Netherlands wants to get the best out of its employees.  That is why we attach a lot of value to good employment terms and conditions. You can count on a pleasant work environment and you can also count on an end of year bonus in addition to salary and holiday allowance.

Included in the fringe benefits are child benefit, student loan arrangement and Windward/ equalisation allowance for employees who work in the Windwards. 


The National Office for the Caribbean Netherlands works by determining a salary with a grade system. The duties associated with the job determine the appropriate salary grade; experience and training can also be a determining factor for the salary. In total there are 17 grades.  On taking up employment, it is possible that an employee may be placed in a so-called starting grade; the starting grade is 1 or 2 grades lower than the grade officially associated with the job. An employee is placed on a lower grade if said employee does not yet work at the proper level for the job or does not yet meet all the training requirements.

Each grade consists of a number of steps (also called increments).

RCN employees’ salary grades

Personal development

The National Office for the Caribbean Netherlands is happy to invest in the professional development of employees who want to focus on their job performance by following a course or training.  This investment consists of a (full or partial) contribution to the costs by the employer.  

A number of trainings are in demand and are offered via the annual training programme. These trainings can be part of the regular working-in process of our employees. Trainings can also be given because employees want to learn (further) because the job requires it or because they personally want to develop further.    


The Pensioenfonds Caribisch Nederland (PCN) pension fund was established on 10 October 2010 to provide for the pension administration for the National Office for the Caribbean Netherlands employees.

The pensionable age is linked to the Algemene Ouderdoms Voorziening -[General Old Age Pension] age. 

All employees of the National Office for the Caribbean Netherlands are registered with Stichting Pensioenfonds Caribisch Nederland {Caribbean Netherlands General Pension Fund for Public Employees].