Submitting an application

You can submit an application in two ways:

  • Visit The Victims Assistance Office and they will submit the application for you digitally.
  • Print out an application form and send it, with a copy of your passport/identity card/driving licence and all the required documents, by post to Schadefonds in the European Netherlands.

Schadefonds Geweldsmisdrijven
Antwoordnummer 91052
2509 VC Den Haag, Nederland

Schadefonds advises you to submit the application via the Victims Asisstance Office, because the mail from the Caribbean Netherlands to the European Netherlands takes some time. The Victims Assistance Office can submit your application digitally without losing time.

Furthermore, the Victim Assistance Office has experience with completing application forms and knows exactly what is important for the Schadefonds. The Victim Assistance Office can also, on behalf of the Schadefonds, check your identity by looking at your passport/identity card/driving licence on the spot.