I am a witness

Schadefonds is also for people who have been a witness to a violent crime. In that case, you are referred to as an observer. An observer can submit an application in the following cases:

  • You were present during a violent crime;


  • You unexpectedly found the victim at the spot where the crime took place (the scene of the crime);


  • As a child, for a longer period of time and on a regular basis (systematically), you experienced domestic violence.

In order to receive a one-off compensation payment as an observer, this must have led to serious psychological problems (injuries). This must be determined by a therapist with a BIG registration, NIP service mark with Basic assessment Psychodiagnostics (BAPD), NVO registration with Basic assessment Diagnostics (BAD) or a contract with The BES Health Insurance Office (ZVK).

For children up to the age of 12 who witnessed systematic domestic violence, Schadefonds presupposes that there is a question of serious psychological problems (injuries). In this case, this does not need to be proven.