I am a close relative

Schadefonds Geweldsmisdrijven is for the close relative of the victim who suffered serious and permanent physical and/or psychological problems (injuries) as a result of a violent crime on or after January 1st, 2019. Schadefonds applies the following conditions.

1. You are a close relative

As a close relative, you can submit an application if your spouse, (registered) partner, parent, child, brother or sister has suffered serious and permanent injuries as a result of a violent crime.

2. There is a question of a violent crime committed intentionally

You are a close relative of a victim of a violent crime committed intentionally. This means that violence or the threat of violence was used intentionally against the victim. For instance:

  • attempted murder/manslaughter;
  • physical abuse;
  • threat with violence and/or a firearm.

Accidents therefore do not fall under this.

3. There is serious and permanent injury as a result of the violent crime

This can be physical and/or mental (psychological) injuries. Schadefonds labels injuries as ‘serious and permanent’ if the victim can no longer function for at least 70%. Psychological injuries can also be serious and permanent.

Permanent injuries mean that there is no prospect that the injuries (or the consequences of the injuries) will lessen in the course of time. The turnaround in the life of the victim and the close relative is of vital importance for our assessment. It therefore means that the close relative has suffered for some time in an intrusive way from the consequences of the violent crime.

A few examples of this are:

  • loss of sight (complete blindness)
  • paralysis (high paraplegia)
  • loss of both arms
  • brain damage with serious character changes and behavioural changes
  • third-degree burns over large parts of the body
  • physical or psychological injuries as a result of which the victim can no longer take care of himself

4. The violent crime took place in the Caribbean Netherlands

The violent crime must have taken place in the Caribbean Netherlands. If the violent crime took place on board a Caribbean Dutch ship or aircraft, you can also contact Schadefonds. Do you not live in the Caribbean Netherlands, but was your close relative the victim of violence here? You can also submit an application. Victims of violent crimes which were committed in the European Netherlands are referred to the website www.schadefonds.nl.

5. You or the victim had no part in the crime

You can only receive a one-off compensation payment if you or the victim were not guilty of the crime. The reason is that your role and the role of the victim is also considered regarding what happened. If you or the victim had a part in the violent crime it is possible that you will not receive a payment.

Examples are:

  • if you or the victim were the first to use violence;
  • if you and/or the victim were engaged in criminal activities (such as drug dealing).

6. The damage is not compensated for in another way

You will only receive a compensation payment from Schadefonds if the damage has not been compensated for by the perpetrator or an insurance company.

You can however contact the Schadefonds if you do not yet know whether you will receive money from other sources. If you finally still receive money from the perpetrator or the insurance company, you may have to pay back the compensation payment received from the Schadefonds.

In its decision, Schadefonds can also take account of the compensation that the perpetrator must pay you. Then you will not need to pay back our payment afterwards.

7. Date of crime

As a close relative, you can only apply for a compensation payment if the violent crime took place on or after January 1st, 2019.