What does the Centre for Youth and Family on Saba do?

Raising children is fun and sometimes fairly challenging. But parenting can also be experienced as being utterly difficult and stressful.

For difficult situations, the Centre for Youth and Family on Saba offers a helping hand to parents and other educators with: knowledge, information and advice about bring up and raising children and support for young people with social, emotional and behavioural problems.

The parenting support is based on a positive vision of parenting, aimed at prevention and early intervention. The counsellors’ work includes working with the positive pedagogical programme (Triple P). 


As Centre for Youth and Family on Saba, we organise activities to support children/young people in discovering and developing their competencies. By offering activities that are fun and challenging, we try to contribute to their development.

The activities are often related to leisure time, family, education, sports and health. For the little ones there is Play & Learn. Under this heading we have put together a number of boxes with various play materials.