What does itinerant youth care do?

Considerable progress has been made in recent years in the realm of youth care and family supervision in the Caribbean Netherlands. A plan was drawn up and implement for Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba. On all three islands, adequate accommodation and staff have been provided and the personnel have been given further training.

In short, they worked on  an organisation that now actually exists. The organisation consist of the management and staff department with five divisions, three of which are on Bonaire, one on St. Eustatius and one on Saba.


Within the home situation, the itinerant counsellor works on goals that deal with the raising and upbringing of the child. Parents learn new parenting skills and learn how to cope with their child better.   

The starting point is that the capacity of the parents is strengthened and obstacles in the development of the child are removed. Based on the problems in a family, agreements are made that are laid down in an assistance plan. The duration of the assistance varies from family to family.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, children may be (temporarily) unable to live at home. In that case, a child can be placed in a family approved by the youth care. This can be a family within the family's network or an unknown family. Foster care counselling is based on the principle of supporting foster parents in both practical matters (e. g. contact between foster child and biological parents) and parenting issues.