Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM)

The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) supervises the financial markets: savings, investments, insurance and loans. It is important that the public, businesses and government have confidence in the financial markets. And that the markets operate transparently and fairly.

Supervision in the Caribbean Netherlands

The AFM and the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) also jointly supervise financial enterprises in the Caribbean Netherlands. Every company has either the AFM or DNB as its first point of contact. For example, in principle, acting as a credit institution or insurer is a matter for DNB. Acting as a credit provider, consultant, intermediary or authorised credit or insurance broker, is in principle a matter for the AFM.

Financial Markets Hotline

As consumer or investor you have contact with the Financial Market Hotline. The Hotline answers your questions and receives reports and complaints about the financial market.  

Business counter

The business counter is the main entrance for financial (and related) companies that are seeking contact with the AFM. The business counter helps you with questions, including about the contents of the Financial Supervision Act (Wft).

Communications - press & media

The Communications department is responsible for the contacts between the media and the AFM. Representatives from press and media can address their questions and requests to the AFM spokespersons.


Postal address:

Authority for the  Financial Markets
PO Box 11723

Visiting address:

Vijzelgracht 50

Global phone number:

+31(0)20 - 797 2000