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Dutch Central Government Real Estate Agency sells former Rincon police station

Kralendijk - The former police station in Rincon is being sold. After the departure of the police, the building had not been used ...

News item | 14-03-2022 | 15:25

Working together for a new step in Kingdom relations

Improving the standard of living, caring for and protecting nature and the environment, and working on good education and a more ...

News item | 07-03-2022 | 23:58

Caribbean Netherlands: nearly 60 percent more air passengers in 2021

In 2021, more than 290 thousand travellers passed through the airports of Bonaire, St Eustatius and Saba. This represents an ...

News item | 02-03-2022 | 16:52

TuranGoeloe will continue to provide assistance and guidance to students from the Caribbean Netherlands

On 22nd of February, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science signed an agreement with the agency TuranGoeloe for the ...

News item | 28-02-2022 | 19:09

Delegation Permanent Committee for Kingdom Relations of the Dutch Senate

The Bottom - A delegation of 13 members of the Permanent Committee for Kingdom Relations of the Dutch Senate is currently ...

News item | 28-02-2022 | 18:32

Successful consultations between the Ministers of the Netherlands, Aruba, Curaçao and St. Maarten on judicial cooperation

On February the 24th the semi-annual Four-Party Judicial Consultation (JVO) took place between the Ministers of Justice ...

News item | 25-02-2022 | 21:13

Working visit of the Parliamentary Committee KOREL to the Caribbean part of the Kingdom

A delegation of thirteen members of the Parliamentary Committee on Kingdom Relations (KOREL) will be making working visits to the ...

News item | 25-02-2022 | 20:53

Training for people who want to work in construction

Eight job-seekers will have the opportunity to participate in a free basic training course for the construction industry. After ...

News item | 22-02-2022 | 16:55

SZW hopes for high participation in experience survey

In March 2022 the research agency Linkels & Partners, commissioned by the RCN unit and the Ministry of Social Affairs and ...

News item | 21-02-2022 | 18:12

Plenchi di Trabou celebrates its first year of existence

The job centre Plenchi di Trabou celebrated its one-year anniversary on Monday, 14 February, in the presence of State Secretary ...

News item | 15-02-2022 | 15:49