CBP BES announces publication of investigation report within OLB due to lack of compliance

The Commission Supervision Personal Data Protection BES (the Commission) announces that it will publish an investigation report concerning the Public Entity Bonaire (OLB) due to the lack of compliance with the recommendations.

In March 2023, CBP BES conducted an audit at OLB to assess the implementation of the clean desk and clear screen policy, which is part of the 'Towards Information Security Awareness' policy. The report indicated that the policy was inadequately implemented and that personal data within the OLB organization were not adequately protected.

OLB had two crucial deadlines for incorporating the recommendations into its processes: 1 October 2023, and 1 March 2024. After the 1st of March 2024 deadline, CBP BES sent written inquiries to OLB regarding the actions taken, but OLB failed to respond before the 2nd of April 2024 deadline.

Despite agreements between CBP BES and OLB regarding compliance and implementation of the recommendations, CBP BES has found that OLB did not meet these agreements.

CBP BES emphasizes that OLB must take its obligations and applicable rules seriously to protect the fundamental rights of Bonaire's residents. As a result, CBP BES is currently investigating its enforcement options, including the use of sanction.

The report will be published on the CBP BES website, accessible at www.cbpbes.com, and will be available for download simultaneously with this press release.