Ban pa Kambio' Offers JICN Detainees Opportunities in the Job Market

The Netherlands Caribbean Correctional Institution (JICN) helps detainees with their reintegration. With the project ‘Ban pa Kambio’, (in English: We’re aiming for change) in collaboration with Fundashon Forma, detainees can take courses and obtain certificates. This significantly increases their chances in the job market during the reintegration phase. During a recent diploma ceremony, several detainees achieved important milestones.

Diploma Ceremony
During the ceremony, one detainee received their MBO1 diploma in Horeca, Food, and Food Industry. Additionally, 17 certificates were awarded in various fields:

•         10 certificates in Social Skills

•         3 certificates in Digital Skills

•         2 certificates in Mathematics levels 2F and 3F

•         2 certificates in English level A2

The Importance of the Project
The project ‘Ban pa Kambio’ is essential for the reintegration of detainees. During their detention, they have the opportunity to develop themselves through courses, work-learning trajectories, and work. The focus is on sectors with many job opportunities, such as horticulture, construction, and hospitality. Besides MBO1, detainees can also continue to MBO2 from February 2025. This ensures that they have better job opportunities after their detention and a successful return to society.

Collaboration with Fundashon Forma
‘Ban pa Kambio’ is a collaborative project with the educational institute Fundashon Forma. Together, they ensure that detainees gain not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills. This prepares them for a new life after their detention.

For more information about ‘Ban pa Kambio’, please visit our website