CBP BES places privacy statements at the forefront in the Week of Privacy 2024

During the Week of Privacy, which commenced on January 28th, the Commission Supervision Personal Data Protection BES emphasizes the crucial role of privacy statements. In a privacy statement, organizations clarify why and which personal data they collect, how they use it, and the rights citizens have regarding the processing of their personal data.

In recent years, the committee's focus has been primarily on increasing awareness of the Law for the Protection of Personal Data BES (Wet Bescherming persoonsgegevens BES). Currently, the committee has been supervising compliance with the Law for the Protection of Personal Data (Wbp BES), the Law for the Basic Administration of Personal Data BES (Wba BES), and the Law on Police Data (Wpg).

In 2024, the committee is particularly concentrating on the general processing of personal data. It pays special attention to the processing of the I.D. card (sedula) and the implementation of privacy statements in organizations. The committee also ensures that the processing of personal data at the civil registry departments of the three public bodies is carried out meticulously, adequately, and sufficiently protected. This includes the requirement that the quality and integrity of the basic administrations must be in order.

"The Commission Supervision Personal Data Protection BES looks forward to a year of effective supervision and enforcement to promote the protection of personal data on Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, and Saba," says Secretary Mrs. Roƫlla Pourier. For more information on legislation and the tasks of CBP BES, please visit: www.cbpbes.com.