iPhone 12: Radiation exceeds standard, no immediate health risk

The Authority of Digital Infrastucture (ADI) has requested additional information from Apple regarding the iPhone 12, as a supplement to the earlier investigation conducted by the French regulatory authority ANFR. The findings indicate that the radiation emitted when using the iPhone 12 exceeds the standard, but there is also no immediate health risk.

RDI iPHone 12 stralingsniveau

For the investigation, the DII analyzed the technical documents of the iPhone 12 and the conclusions of the French study. It appears that the device emits excessive radiation in some cases during use. Apple asserts that this radiation decreases when the device detects movement. However, based on the examination of the technical documents, it cannot be conclusively determined if this mechanism works effectively in all circumstances in practice.

Previously, the French regulatory authority ANFR had instructed Apple to adapt the device to meet the requirements applicable to mobile phones. Apple has indicated its intention to make these adjustments. Once the modifications are completed, European regulatory authorities will collectively assess whether the iPhone 12 complies with all the requirements and whether any further steps need to be taken. France will take the lead in this regard.