Results of Media survey Caribbean Netherlands presented

The Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland (RCN) uses many channels to communicate with various target groups in the Caribbean Netherlands. The media landscape is developing quickly, which is why RCN asks an independent research agency to conduct a media survey every 2 years.

Presentatie mediaonderzoek

The aim of the survey is to gain an insight into the media use of Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba inhabitants, so that communication resources can be adapted accordingly.

The main question to be addressed by the survey was: How do inhabitants of the Caribbean Netherlands use the media, and how are the messages of RCN received?

It was examined if the channels that are currently used allow us to reach inhabitants and , which media channels and resources they use to inform themselves. It was also investigated why residents use these channels in particular, at what times and how often certain channels are watched or listened to.

With the information from the surveys and the group interviews, RCN can ensure that the messages of the various government departments reach as many residents as possible, that the message is clear and that the various communications are appealing.

The main findings of the survey were presented to the media this week during a meeting organised by RCN's communication department on Bonaire.

During the presentation it was shown that, on Bonaire, 94% of the inhabitants  can be reached via social media (including also Whatsapp) , 77% via the radio, 74% via news websites and 57% via newspapers. On Saba, 87% of the inhabitants can be reached via social media, 77% via news websites and 57% via newspapers. Only 40% sometimes listens to the radio. On St. Eustatius, 98% of the inhabitants  can be reached via social media, 67% via the radio, 64% via news websites and 57% via newspapers.