Military police and police agents in the Caribbean Netherlands trained as skippers for new patrol vessel

Agents of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee (KMar) and the Dutch Caribbean Police Force (KPCN) have passed the Boatmaster 3 training course in Bonaire. With this certificate, they can work as skippers of the new patrol vessel that is expected to be launched in October in Bonaire.


During the eight-day training course, the participants learned to operate the vessel, how to fight fires and general theory. Seventeen participants have now successfully completed the training.

New vessel

This training was necessary to allow the participants to operate the vessel jointly purchased by the KMar and KPCN. It will be used for border enforcement duties at sea, for monitoring purposes and to carry out water surveillance and ship inspections. The services can also support the Caribbean Area Coast Guard with search and rescue operations or suspicious situations at all times.

Multidisciplinary Maritime Hub

The vessel and the new captains will contribute to the work of the Multidisciplinary Maritime Hub (MMHB). The MMHB is a partnership between the KMar, Customs and the Coast Guard. The objective is to ensure that the maritime domain around Bonaire is and remains safe.