Inflation down on St Eustatius and Saba

In Q2 2023, consumer goods and services on Bonaire were 4.6 percent more expensive than one year previously. Inflation stood at 4.5 percent in the previous quarter. On St Eustatius, prices rose by 3.3 percent year-on-year in Q2; the price rise was 8.0 percent in Q1. On Saba, inflation stood at 5.2 percent in Q2, down from 7.0 percent in the previous quarter. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports this on the basis of the Caribbean Netherlands’ consumer price index.

Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek

Prices on Bonaire 1.9 percent up on the previous quarter

Relative to Q1 2023, prices on Bonaire rose by 1.9 percent in Q2. The rise is mainly caused by an increase in rents and in the prices of new and used cars. Furthermore, petrol prices were up by 4.9 percent relative to the previous quarter.

Relative to Q1 2023, food prices rose by 1.1 percent in Q2 2023. Prices of fresh vegetables were down by 5.5 percent.

0.8 percent price decline on St Eustatius relative to Q1

In Q2 2023, consumer prices on St Eustatius fell by 0.8 percent relative to the previous quarter.

Prices of clothing and footwear increased by 4.2 percent. Furniture prices declined by 7.4 percent. Petrol prices were down by 3.7 percent. Passenger transport by air declined by 8.2 percent in price.

Food and non-alcoholic beverages were 0.8 percent more expensive than in the first quarter. Bread was 5.0 percent more expensive. The egg price drop was significant at 37.9 percent.

Prices on Saba 1.1 percent up

In Q2 2023, consumers on Saba paid on average 1.1 percent more for goods and services than in the previous quarter. Prices of clothing and footwear increased by 4.2 percent while airline ticket prices went up by 17.0 percent. Home maintenance products fell in price by 9.2 percent on the previous quarter.

Prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages rose by 1.2 percent in Q2. Chicken meat was 9.4 percent and beef 6.3 percent cheaper in the previous quarter. Chocolate was 9.8 percent more expensive.


Provisional figures

The figures for Q2 2023 are provisional and will become definitive upon publication of the figures over the next quarter, Q3 2023.


StatLine - Caribbean Netherlands; consumer price index (CPI) 2017=100