KPCN and OLB will warn and fine for loose dogs

Previous press releases have focused on addressing the wide range of dog problems. Following this, starting at the end of this month, efforts will be made to warn and fine owners who let their dog(s) run off-leash without supervision.

Mijn hond, mijn verantwoordelijkheid

Enforcement officers from the OLB and officers from the KPCN are jointly pulling together in addressing the dog problem. Their focus is on encouraging good dog ownership and reducing bite incidents caused by dogs running loose unsupervised. Measures will be implemented based on the current dog ordinance. A fine is $90.

Be prepared

Offer the dog a safe place at home. A well-fenced yard is most ideal. But that does not always work. When capturing the dog, provide a good shaded area, a drinking and feeding bowl within reach and a secure leash.

The information campaign entitled "My Dog, My Responsibility" provides tips that can contribute to good dog ownership. For more information, visit