CBP BES supervises compliance with Personal data Protection Act BES (Wbp BES)

The data protection authority BES is charged with monitoring and enforcement in relation to the processing of personal data by the public and private sector in the Caribbean Netherlands.


Within the framework of its supervisory task the CBP BES conducted an audit at the Shared Service Organisation of the Caribbean Netherlands (SSO-CN). The reason for the audit was the processing of documents with personal data via the internal network of SSO CN (H drive) which has been made available to everyone who works at the National Office for the Caribbean Netherlands [Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland]. The CBP BES discovered protection and security deficiencies in relation to certain digital files. The investigation focused on four aspects of personal data processing on the H drive, namely how carefully/properly is the personal data processed (Article 6 Wbp BES), what is the purpose of the processing (Article 7 Wbp BES), what are the grounds for the processing (Article 8 Wbp BES ) and, lastly, how is the security of personal data guaranteed (Article 13 Wbp BES)?

The CBP BES assessed its findings against the standards laid down in the Personal Data Protection Act BES and concluded that these standards were not being complied with. The report, including recommendations, has been sent to the director of SSO CN. The SSO CN must implement suitable technical and organisational measures to ensure the adequate protection and security of personal data on the H drive. The CBP BES also recommended drawing up a protocol so that timely action can be taken in the event of a data leak.

The CBP BES is positive about the steps which SSO CN has already taken to ensure that personal data is processed as safely as possible on the H drive. According to the secretary of the CBP BES, Roëlla Pourier, "The actions are not only aimed at creating a safe and better protected platform, but also focus on a shared vision of the use of the H drive by government departments in the Caribbean Netherlands". The CBP BES is confident that the SSO CN will implement all the recommendations by the agreed deadline.

Following a lengthy phase during which it provided information and raised awareness, the CBP BES has now embarked on a supervision and enforcement phase. For more information on the processing of personal data and the tasks of the CBP BES, please consult the website: www.cbpbes.com.