New storage facilities of ‘Bonaire Brandstof Terminals’ guarantee supply reliability

To structurally safeguard the supply reliability and secure storage of fuels on Bonaire, the Cabinet decided to incorporate the policy participation ¨Bonaire Brandstof Terminals” (BBT).

Brandstofopslag Bonaire

BBT has a small terminal and pier built at the power plant with which Bonaire can supply fuel for the generation of power autonomously of others in the years to come. Moreover, a modern terminal for the storage of diesel, petrol and kerosine is realised at the airport. The current storage at Hato is moved to the airport in consultation with Curoil.

Before the fuel storage facilities can be built, it is important that procedures are followed diligently, e.g. nature and environmental surveys and consultation procedures. Shortly, a new message shall follow with a link to a web page on the website of the Rijkdienst Caribisch Nederland. Here, you can find more information about pending and imminent surveys and procedures.

Existing fuel storage facilities require replacement

The existing fuel storage facilities on Bonaire for diesel, petrol, and kerosine require replacement. The Central Government is, in cooperation with the Public Entity, working on short- and long-term solutions. This also includes measures to give Bonaire supply reliability in order that air traffic, power and drinking water production can continue as  safe as possible and uninterrupted.  Two consultative entities have been set up, the interdepartmental Taskforce Bonaire Fuels, in which the OLB is also represented, and the Steering Group Fuels, chaired by the Island Governor of the OLB.

Imposed emergency measures

Because the supply of fuels for the power plant via the BOPEC oil terminal discontinued on the 17th of April 2020, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy (EZK) has previously already implemented emergency measures in cooperation with Curoil in order to safeguard the supply route of fuels with diesel deliveries via the Hato location with tank lorries to the power plant. In addition, work is being carried out on an alternative supply route of cheap fuel oil with floating storage at the landing stage in front of the airport. With these emergency measures the supply reliability on Bonaire is safeguard in the short term.