Joint inspection of hospitality businesses and other companies on St. Eustatius

In October and November the Labour Inspectorate once again carried out inspections at companies on St. Eustatius. The focus was primarily on hospitality businesses and some other companies. The Dutch Caribbean Police Force (KPCN) was also involved.


At various hospitality businesses the Labour Inspectorate assessed staff working hours and break times and checked whether the employers were complying with the legal minimum wage requirements. Also checked was whether the correct first aid equipment was available and that no illegal workers were being employed. No violations were observed during these inspections, which is a positive result.

During a joint inspection in another sector three foreigners were found who did not have a residence permit for the island and for whom no work permits had been issued. The three persons in question are now being dealt with by the KPCN and the employer was issued with a fine.

In addition, a number of targeted inspections were carried out on the basis of signals. A company in the services sector was found not to be giving its employees sufficient time off. Staff were expected to be on call throughout the week. Staff at a company in the retail sector were consistently working more than forty hours a week, without receiving overtime pay. Both employers received a warning, and a deadline was set for them to make changes. If they fail to comply, they will be fined.

The number of working hours that people are allowed to work is limited by law to ensure that they do not work too much and are allowed sufficient time off. Employees have other responsibilities outside their work, such as caregiving tasks. In addition to healthy and safe working, the BES Labour Act 2000 [Arbeidswet 2000 BES] therefore provides protection in order to ensure a good work-life balance.

Throughout the year the labour inspectors can be contacted via the telephone number of the Labour Inspectorate, which is +599 781-5662, or by email via