Tasks of the Programme manager intergovernmental accord Bonaire to the Public Entity Bonaire and the Kingdom government

Joint press release from RCN, OLB and BZK

The programme manager of the intergovernmental accord on Bonaire, Danny Rojer, in good consultation with the Public Entity Bonaire and the Kingdom government, has transferred his tasks from the 1st of October,  to the Public Entity Bonaire and the Kingdom government.

Handen schudden na akkoord

The role of the programme manager intergovernmental accord was established in November 2018 during the time of the signing of the accord. De programme manager, whom was instated in march 2019,  was responsible for coordinating the execution of the intergovernmental accord, for reporting on the progress and a fruitful collaboration between all parties.

The Executive council of Bonaire and the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom relations have concluded that in this phase, the monitoring and coordination of the execution of the intergovernmental accord will fall under the respective parties that have signed the accord and are responsible for its execution. This transition phase will also be used by both the executive council and the kingdom government to carry out a joint evaluation of the previous period and to look ahead to the duration of the intergovernmental accord and prioritise during this time.

De current state of affairs on Bonaire demands a new structure of collaboration regarding the intergovernmental accord. The executive council and kingdom government are working closely together to meet goals as stipulated by the intergovernmental accord. What was initially a search by both parties to come up with the most suitable working collaboration and monitoring strategy, has in the meantime developed into working relationship  where both the respective duties and responsibilities have been established. For example, the position of the island secretary has been filled since the 1st of March of this year, herewith strengthening the bureau of the island secretary. This position and department of the island secretary both play a crucial role considering that this is the place where all the dossiers come together. A change manager has also been instated to assist with organisational development, a key topic within the intergovernmental accord. The coordination of the execution of the intergovernmental accord falls under of the ministry of Interior and Kingdom relations.