SZW gives entrepreneurs space to restart

Employers who use the SZW emergency regulation for support in their wage costs no longer have to report changes for the remaining term of the regulation. In this way they get more space to see if and how they can expand their business activities. Mutation forms that have already been submitted will not be carried through, unless they are to the benefit of the applicant.


As measures to combat corona are scaled down, companies have more options to restart their business. However, due to social distancing and the temporary absence of tourists, the market is different. The RCN unit SZW wants to give employers space for adaptations up to and including the 12th of June, while the level of support remains unchanged. It is up to the employers to make agreements with their employees about the redeployment of personnel.

Together with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment the unit is currently discussing the possibilities of an extension of the emergency regulation. Whether the regulation will continue under exactly the same conditions is still under discussion. As soon as the new regulation has been established, the SZW unit will communicate about this.

Self-employed entrepreneurs who use the SZW emergency regulation do have to report changes if their income changes up to and including the 12th of June, 2020, so the unit SZW can adapt their income supplement to the new situation. Employees who lost their job because of corona and who use the regulation on their own name, must also always fill in a mutation form when they find work.

More information about the emergency regulation is available at Entrepreneurs on Bonaire can turn to the Chamber of Commerce for advice via