Request from Ms. Zeeland crew to spend leave time on Bonaire is granted

The MS Zeeland crew has submitted an application to spend their recreational time on Bonaire. The 70 crew members have been spending a long time at sea and would like to spend their leave time of three days on Bonaire. This request is made more often and is usually always granted. However, due to the corona restrictive measures, the request had to be assessed by the Island Policy Team (Eilandelijk Beleidsteam, EBT).

Hm Ms Zeeland

In consultation with the EBT, Public Health and the commander of Ms. Zeeland, the situation of the military was assessed and all conditions have been evaluated and discussed.  It has been decided that the crew members can disembark to enjoy their leave time on Bonaire from May 16th until May 19th.

However, the leave is only allowed under certain conditions. For example, the crew is not allowed to gather in large numbers - more than 10 persons. This makes it possible for the local population to visit the hospitality industry, without exceeding the measurement of a maximum of 50 people. It is also required to hand over a health certificate. Due to the circumstances of the military at sea, quarantine on the island is not necessary.

The request for leave coincides with the EBT's policy vision to ease in phases. Bonaire is now in a phase in which a cautious and step-by-step transition is made towards easing the emergency measures. Allowing the leave of the military of the Ms. Zeeland is one of these steps.