Conclusion concerning inventory of residents of Bonaire abroad

In the coming days an inventory will be made of how many residents of Bonaire are abroad, so that help can be provided in an appropriate manner. In anticipation, the Island Governor, after the EBT has met and obtained the advice of experts including medical practitioners, has decided not to repatriate residents until this April 7th.

Bonaire residence

Today, in exceptional circumstances, a group of residents has been brought back from Colombia, because air traffic has been cut off. In addition, it is not appropriate to burden the care in Colombia with treated patients. Patients were screened for the COVID-19 virus before departure. After arrival, they were screened again and placed in self-quarantine.

The Island Governor and his team understand that the decision to wait with repatriation can be a hard blow for the "stranded" Bonaireans. However, it is important that in this turbulent period appropriate precautions are taken with regard to the safety of the island. The people of Bonaire are also confronted with restrictive measures that have reinforcing consequences. Everyone contributes in his or her own way to the safety of Bonaire.

The possibility of repatriation or other assistance measures will be reconsidered before 7 April.