Clarification of the term quarantine

Ambiguity has arisen about the interpretation of the request for quarantine and how this relates to i.e. the people who have arrived on Bonaire in the recent period. This report clears up what this measure means exactly.

Verheldering omtrent de term quarantaine

The RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) explains quarantine as follows: If someone is not ill, but could possibly become ill, this person can be placed in quarantine for a certain period of time until it is certain that they are not ill. In the case of the Corona virus, a period of 14 days applies.

The EBT (Island Policy Team)  has made an urgent request to maintain 14 days of self-quarantine in case of illness. This is also urgently requested when people return from a high-risk area, such as the European Netherlands. In short: if you do not have any symptoms, but come from a risk area, you should be in self-quarantine. It is important that the person stays at home if possible, applying the social distancing and stricter hygienic measures at all times.

Quarantine is a preventive measure intended for people who have had certain or probable contact with a Corona patient. It is important to distinguish between measures associated with a high-risk area, where there is widespread transmission of Corona, and an area, such as Bonaire, where there is no infection or an island where there is only a single infection. 

It is up to everyone to take their responsibility. Let us deal with this in a responsible and socially accepted way. If you would like to receive more information about this, please call the free information line, 0800-1351. People with specific concerns can call the Department of Public Health during office hours, tel. 717 2211.