Close monitoring on ship safety executed

In the days around Dia di Rincon intensive controls were carried out on the water, on ships that traveled with passengers to and from Curacao. These checks were carried out by a collaboration of the Coast Guard, the Harbor Office, Customs, Kmar and the Shipping Inspectorate. This was announced in advance in a press release.

Scheepvaart Insepctie


Via the radar and with the help of the Customs/Immigration from Curacao the arrival of the boats was being watched, so that they could be intercepted on the water by the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard brought them to the Customs/Immigration Office at the port on Bonaire. Here clearance was arranged and, on the basis of a questionnaire, it was checked if they had carried paying passengers. There was good cooperation between the various chain partners, both on Bonaire and Curacao. Also the collaboration of the passengers and crews  on board of the ships was positive.

Safety for leisure crafts and fishing boats

Once again we recommend to ensure that sufficient survival equipment is on board, which can be used in case of emergency. During the checks it  became clear that there were not always sufficient safety equipment and life-saving appliances on board. On the back of the licences, ,issued by  the port Office of Bonaire for registered ships, the necessary equipment is mentioned.  Also make sure the that there is a contact person ashore.

Safety for commercial vessels

Commercial vessels operating in the area around Bonaire must comply with the so-called "annex 6" requirements and commercial vessels who wants to  sail outside the appendix 6 area  e.g. fishing charters, or to (Klein) Curacao, must comply with the so-called "Small Commercial Vessel Code ".


Would you like to transport paying passengers around the island or to and from (Klein) Curaçao (commercial), than please contact the Shipping Inspectorate via email:; or phone: (+ 599) 715 8351. It is also possible to come by at the Shipping Inspectorate in the Customs port office, top floor Wilhelminaplein 1, Kralendijk, Bonaire.