Manual basic scan integrity for candidate administrators

Incorruptible administrators and governors are the basis of a strong and healthy democracy. Minister Ollongren (Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations) provides this Manual Basic Scan Integrity for administrators in order to strengthen a functioning, ethical and resilient administration.

Minister Ollongren

On March 4th, she handed over the integrity manual to ”dijkgraaf” Rogier van der Sande (chairman of the “Unie van Waterschappen”). The manual is available for all political parties and candidate administrators in both the European and Caribbean Netherlands. The manual lays a solid foundation for a more unambiguous and careful screening of candidate administrators. 

Minister Ollongren: “Integrity of political office holders is crucial in our democracy. It is about the trust of citizens in the government. For me personally it is very important. Integrity is now high on the agenda within public administration, and rightly so. It is important for all Dutch people that we have honest  administrators, from councillors to ministers."

Municipalities, provinces, public entities and water authorities (“waterschappen”) need a clear and careful process regarding the appointment of authorities, and more clarity about the way in which risk analyses for integrity are performed. That is why the basic scan integrity for candidate administrators has been developed.


This manual is for municipalities, provinces, water boards and the public entities Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius. It provides principles for a transparent and careful preparation and execution of integrity risk analyses for all candidate administrators. With this manual, the minister supports the public administration in its statutory duty of care for integrity.


Screening is not a legal appointment requirement for decentralized administrators. That is why the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) cannot demand  this, but of course they can facilitate it. This is done with this basic scan.

Those who want to know more, can find the manual here: