Foster care café for foster parents

On Thursday April 11th, Jeugdzorg & Gezinsvoogdij Caribisch Nederland (JGCN) organized the first café for foster parents on Bonaire. 

Director of JGCN Curvin George informed the foster parents about foster care and the developments in this field. But above all the evening was organized to express the appreciation for foster parents.

The debut presentation of this evening was under guidance of moderator and youth professional Areina Martina at Foundation Forma and was titled ‘Bonding and the language of love’. Also there was a question and discussion round and time for introduction. 


This ‘Foster care café’, an initiative from JGCN, is organized to express appreciation, to inform and to support foster parents. As the first of a three yearly event, the evening was well attended and positively received by foster parents. In the interest of JGCN to keep each child continuously safe, this evening was especially organized for the appreciation of the foster parents. JGCN thanks all attendees and the commitment of its employees for the successful evening.