Statia Safe House priority for Minister Dekker

Minister for Legal Protection within the Ministry of Justice and Security, Sander Dekker, met with stakeholders on St. Eustatius on Thursday April 11th and Friday April 12th to discuss multiple topics that are important for St. Eustatius.

Minister Sander Dekker and Deputy Government Commissioner Mervyn Stegers with members of the Multi Disciplinary Meeting (MDO).

In the meeting with chain partners in the justice and care chain,  Police, Victim Support, general practitioners, social workers and the Probation Office, highlighted youth problems, domestic violence and child abuse, Minister Dekker stressed that the establishment of a Safe House is a priority for his Ministry.

“I am impressed by the commitment and effort  all involved partners on Statia show to assist families in trouble. If they work together and combine forces, they can make real difference in people’s lives. I am happy to see that the agreements that have been made last year are paying off. The main goal is to prevent crimes, but if people of Statia do become a victim of violence, it is important that they get compensation they need and deserve. I am pleased to say that “Schadefonds Geweldsmisdrijven” [the Dutch compensation fund] is now also available to assist residents of Statia. ”, Minister Sander Dekker.


Deputy Government Commissioner Mervyn Stegers and Minister Sander Dekker in their meeting discussed among others the Safe House for victims of domestic violence, rehabilitation, implementation juvenile criminal law, the Bavpol (extra ordinary police), realization of detention capacity. “Recently 15 residents have passed the exams for extraordinary police and have the capacity to control in the fields of the environment, permits and road safety. This is achieved through a good collaboration with the Ministry. The Statian community is asked to give these officers their fullest cooperation”, Deputy Government Commissioner Mervyn Stegers.