CBS starts rental properties survey on St. Eustatius

From mid-April until mid-May of this year, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) will conduct a rental properties survey at the request of the St. Eustatius government and the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. With this survey CBS aims to get an overview of characteristics of rental properties.

The information of the survey will be used by the government to improve current legislation regarding rental prices. In the context of improving the social housing market and promoting good maintenance, there must be more equality between the rents of public and private property owners, whereby the rent is linked to the quality of the home.

Based on the data collected by CBS, a points system can be developed to value a home. Based on this, the Public Entity of St. Eustatius can set up a rent commission, an impartial organization that helps tenants and property owners by providing information, conducting research, mediating in their conflict or, if necessary, formally settling the conflict by settling a judgment, binding for both parties. 

The rental properties survey is a sample survey conducted among residents of rental properties. Interviewers of CBS will go to 260 rental properties on the island to register characteristics of the property, such as the location, the rental price, type of property and number of bath- and bedrooms.

CBS is obligated by law to process the collected information strictly confidentially. Therefore, we have taken various measures to protect your information. All our interviewers have a CBS identification badge and must identify themselves upon request, so that everyone can be sure that the interview is being carried out by CBS.

CBS and the Public Entity of St. Eustatius would like to thank all participants in advance for cooperating in this survey. 

For further information and questions, please contact CBS via +599 717 8676 or via