H. Francees leaves after 42 years of loyal service

Mr. Franciscus H. Francees, head of the prevention department, said goodbye to the Bonaire fire brigade after 42 years of loyal service. During his last working day, on Juli 31th , 2018, family, friends and colleagues came together to say goodbye. During the reception several colleagues and friends gave a speech.

H. Francees leaves the firefight department after 42 years of loyal service

Deputy general commander Jan Janga said that Mr. Francees was always ready and invested a lot in the corps to make positive changes. He also said that, over the years, Mr. Francees had grown from aspiring firefighter to chief fireman after hard work and perseverance. For the past 20 years, Mr. Francees worked as head of the prevention department and was deputy local commander. He also carried out preventative advice on Saba and St. Eustatius.

In his farewell speech Mr. Francees advised the new generation of firefighters to keep integrity of paramount importance. According to him is integrity the fundamental to be a good firefighter.

The BKCN thanks Mr. F.H. Francees for 42 years of service and wishes him good luck a lot of success with his well-deserved retirement.