Electricity and drinking water rates on Bonaire are calculated with new system

On April 1st, 2018 Bonaire will get a new tariff system for electricity and drinking water. This system is a result of the ”Wet elektriciteit en drinkwater BES” ( law on electricity and drinking water BES) that came into force on July 1st , 2016.

Tarieven elektriciteit en drinkwater op Bonaire worden berekend met nieuw stelsel

The Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) enforces this law. The ACM yearly stipulates  the maximum rates that reflect the costs of production that WEB can charge  consumers and businesses.

In order to determine what these maximum cost-effective rates are, ACM calculates what it costs for ContourGlobal to produce electricity. ACM also calculates what the costs are for WEB to produce and distribute electricity and drinking water. The basic principle is that WEB must generate sufficient income to maintain the network and to make investments. At the same time WEB may not charge more than cost-covering tariffs to  consumers and businesses. The current rates of WEB for electricity and drinking water do not meet this  requirement, because they are not cost-effective.

Consultation between WEB and departments

The new maximum rates that the ACM stipulates, are effective as of April 1st, 2018. Which rates WEB will actually charge, is still dependent on consultation between WEB, the Ministry of infrastructure and Water management and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate.