Victim Support Office

The Victim Support Office assists victims after a crime, accident, emergency or a disappearance. It offers emotional, practical assistance and legal support.  

The Victim Support Office lends a sympathetic ear so you can talk about what happened to you. All sorts of feeling s can come to the surface and sometimes  it is not possible to deal with this on one’s  own . Victim Support can offer you a helping hand.

The Victim Support Office can provide practical assistance with writing letters and filling in forms. Employees can accompany or assist with a visit to the doctor or the police. In terms of legal matters, the Victim Support Office provides information on insurance and legal proceedings.

A few examples of a crime are home burglary, stalking, mugging/robbery, sexual abuse, assault/physical abuse and domestic abuse. The Victim Support Office is not there just for victims. Others involved, like relatives, family, witnesses and acquaintances can also use its services.

They also provide advice to parents and concerned parties  on the best way to deal with children or young people who have witnessed a shocking event or were involved in one.

This assistance is free of charge.

For advice and assistance, you can phone or send e-mail to:


+599 717 6181

Sint Eustatius

+599 790 0426


+599 416 6917