Volunteer work

If you perform volunteer work in the Caribbean Netherlands, a temporary regular residence permit may be granted for this purpose.  You will have to meet a number of requirements for this purpose:

  • You perform work without payment which serves a general social objective and is non-profit-making.
  • If you are a Dutch national you are allowed to perform volunteer work throughout the entire visa-free period. This means a maximum of 180 days per 360 days.
  • If you are not a Dutch national, you can perform volunteer work for a maximum of 12 consecutive weeks, without having to apply for a permit or a Declaration of Admittance by Law (in Dutch: Verklaring van Rechtswege). If you perform volunteer work for a period exceeding 12 weeks, then a work permit is required. The employer must apply for this. You yourself must apply for a temporary regular residence permit. This is a temporary right of residence which can be granted for a maximum of one year. After one year, the residence permit cannot be extended. For more information about applications, please visit the IND Caribbean Netherlands page.